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The compact Wi-Fi system for a truly connected bus.

The Onboard Wi-Fi solution has the performance a bus Wi-Fi system needs to deliver passenger connectivity and a truly connected bus.

Compact and robust, the Onboard Wi-Fi system is designed to be the ideal performance solution for fast and secure Wi-Fi on minibuses, buses and coaches. The self- contained unit requires no external antenna allowing for a speedy, simple installation and easy portability between vehicles.

Alongside passenger Wi-Fi connectivity the Onboard Wi-Fi system features a secure Wi-Fi Accessory Channel. On-board systems such as next stop announcements, CCTV and ticketing systems can connect wirelessly to the Accessory Channel providing a full-featured and secure connected bus Wi-Fi system.

Each On Board Wi-Fi System comes complete with a 4G data package of either 60gb, 100gb or 300gb depending on the size of the vehicle and the data requirements.

For minimal outlay and maximum customer satisfaction, we give you the ability to offer free on-board Wi-Fi to customers.

It is a prerequisite of modern-day life; with smartphone or tablet, always on and always accessible, whether you’re in a restaurant, a retail outlet or on a train – free Wi-Fi. You can take this capability and roll it out through taxi-cabs, vans and coaches, any transport you want to.

Solution includes:

  • Designed for minibuses, buses and coaches
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Portable between vehicles
  • Flexible, 30 day, 4G data plans available
  • Optional GPS module
  • Multiple Wi-Fi channels
  • Branded portal
  • Highly configurable
  • Ready to go out-of-the-box
  • Standard 12 month warranty

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