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Valuable Insight Into Customer Interactions.

Unlock the full potential of your customer experience with valuable insights into every interaction with recording solutions, such as call centre recording.

Customer Experience

EVAD’s call recording services facilitate organizational training and operational reviews for improved customer service and fraud prevention.

Dispute Resolutions

Quickly access recordings to resolve customer disputes, optimize best practices and ensure governance.

Legal Responsibilities

Enjoy configurations to help comply with national and local laws, such as the PCI DSS standard.

Operational Efficiency

Ensure operational efficiency by sharing information quickly, seamlessly and securely without the need to transcribe.

Employee Development

Develop training programs and employee skill-sets through the systematic review and evaluation of vital business communications functions in sales, customer service, collections, emergency dispatch facilities and other public safety organizations.

Risk Management

Record telephone interactions to reduce the risk and ramifications of miscommunication with customers. Examples include improperly filed insurance claims, business to business purchasing and perishable goods orders.

Never Miss a Word

With the most open and connected platform, we capture all voice communications from anywhere-irrespective of the source, without needing to change your existing telecoms infrastructure and backed by unrivalled resilience and service excellence.

Think Unified

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