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Rise Above It With EVAD's Network In The Sky

Multi-tenant internet

As a building manager, landlord, agent or developer, we understand the challenges you are likely to encounter regarding internet connectivity including:

  • Cumbersome processes to get super fast, business grade internet connectivity installed for tenants
  • Wayleave issues which can lead to significant delays in getting internet access arranged each time a tenant orders internet connectivity
  • Restrictive rights that Telecommunications Code Operators (e.g. BT, COLT) have once they arrive on the premises
  • Paying business rates on empty units due to poor connectivity
  • Business tenants cannot move into a building until there is super fast internet connectivity


  • Wired & Wireless up to 5Gbps
  • Ethernet handoff
  • Low latency
  • AES encrypted security
  • Cisco high-speed switch included
  • Up-to 24 customer connections/MTU

Technical description summary

Multi-Tenant Internet service could be deployed at the customer premises with connectivity as

  • EVAD Wireless Pro or Lite Only
  • Fibre Only
  • 100% SLA with Wireless Pro/ Lite and Fibre links
  • 100% SLA with two diverse Wireless links

For EVAD's 100% SLA service, a managed router is required to allow for automatic switching between the fixed fibre line and wireless ethernet on the same IP range.

Why The Network in the Sky

  • Super fast reliable internet connectivity
  • Installed in 10 working days, not months
  • 100% uptime
  • Flexible and scalable to meet your business requirements
  • Resilient, military grade encryption
  • Superb customer satisfaction ratings

Wireless Lite

  • Up to 100 Mbps Speeds (upload & download)
  • Average latency of 35ms
  • 31cm2 square antenna
  • Range of up to 3km
Wireless Pro

Wireless Pro

  • Up to 5Gbps speeds (upload & download)
  • Latency of sub 5ms
  • 27cm2 antenna
  • Range of up to 15km

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