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Communication Problems Solved

Telephone numbers are slow to manually dial 
Click To Dial

Candidates frequently change telephone numbers
New Number Capture

More diversity means names are non-standard and hard to spell?
Standard and hard to spell -Screen Pop

Monitoring staff productivity
Extension Status/Call History/Bond Reporting

Effective training/coaching
Call Recording

Differentiate from competition
Enhanced Customer service/experience


Return On Investment - Hard Benefits

Time savings both for inbound and outbound calls.

Typically each Consultant will save approximately 17 minutes per day - everyday this saving works out the equivalent of 0.5 Full-time employment per 13 consultants. Typically 6 months or less ROI

Click to dial

  • Never misdial
  • Increased staff performance - make more calls
  • Save time

Inbound Call
Preview Ringing

  • When your telephone rings, the software on your PC monitoring your extension activates to provide a discrete on-screen display showing the caller’s number, name and any useful additional CRM held information for the caller.
  • This could be used for a Candidate, Client, Trade e.t.c
  • It can be disabled on a per-user basis

Inbound Call CRM Screen Pop

  • On answering the call launch the CRM record for the caller (manual or automatic).
  • Workflow option to force recording a note of the telephone call

Inbound Calls

  • Instant caller recognition
  • Ensure the right person answers the call first time
  • Save (10-30 secs) on every call
  • Shortcuts to CRM workflow e.g. open record, log call etc…
  • Great for hard to spell names such as European contacts
  • Reduce duplicates in CRM
  • Show multiple matches

New Number Capture

  • When receiving a call from an unknown number, accurately capture number to CRM.
  • Option exists to add a simple identifying note to the Smartphone internal address book (where information is lacking for a full entry).
  • Capture New Mobile Numbers to enhance SMS communication
  • Keep up to date with changing contact numbers
  • General and Business contacts
  • Maximise benefits from caller preview

Smartphone Features

  • On-screen extension status, call handling, absence text & status
  • Internal instant messaging
  • Call logs including missed calls

Automated Call Routing

  • Happens within one ring lasting 3-5 seconds. Unknown or withheld numbers are re-routed to a general number. 
  • Known callers get through to the right person every time
  • Eliminates front end Auto Attendant wait for the caller.
  • Saves caller phone usage costs ( important where access is a social service )

Call Recording

  • Regulatory Compliance/Best Practice
  • Attach excerpts of recordings to email as mp3 files e.g. for candidate interviews
  • Training & monitoring of new & existing staff
  • Demonstrate standards & procedures
  • Business protection - establish facts - prove “Who Said What”

Mobile Number Validation

It is extremely cost-effective to communicate with candidates via SMS messages to mobiles - however, it is hard to keep up with changing numbers and the consequences of sending messages to defunct numbers are:

  • Some networks/services still charge the SMS cost for failed messages
  • An admin task is generated to check the failed number
  • The intended recipient does not get the message
  • You waste time on a failed communication

Gain updated numbers

As well as capturing new mobile numbers as you are called we now are able to offer a service which allows both bulk verification of mobile numbers (to check if still registered with a mobile network) and to provide you with a report to allow you to pre-emptively contact candidates to gain updated numbers.

  • Eliminates front end Auto Attendant wait for caller.
  • Saves caller phone usage costs ( important where access is a social service )

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