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Caring for patients, equipping staff, driving funding: Patient Connect supports you where it matters

Complete contact management

Great healthcare providers prioritise courteous, informed patient care, but face time and financial pressures to keep the business running smoothly. Patient Connect is a contact management solution designed to help managers, receptionists and clinical staff achieve critical goals. Linking your telephone and patient management system speeds up patient verification, improves patient service and assists with metrics.

Patient Connect is the only system of its kind to offer integration with EMIS Web, TPP SystmOne and Vision Health.

Tools and technology that keep you on target

EVAD has been capturing vital communications data for more than 30 years, with a passion for creating innovative solutions that provide critical information for strategy, service improvements and growth.


  • Speed up caller verifications...
  • Instantly see patient demographics...
  • Improve accuracy of patient contact information
  • Manage chronic disease and preventative care more effectively...
  • Patient connect information at your fingertips...


Where more than one patient is registered against a number, multiple names are displayed to facilitate the selection. In addition, Patient Connect supports a business directory to allow other callers, for example, suppliers, to be identified.

Our integration solution has been accredited by Emis and is recognised as an official partner product for 9 years. We also work with TPP and Vision. The relationships we have with these clinical system providers means we can provide to entire federations, CCG's, Primary Care Networks and individual surgeries alike. 

Should your CCG have a mix and match of clinical systems we can network you all together to assist in merges and hub/call centre atmospheres. 

We can assist you now and in the future. 

DNA's are considered a high impact area by NHS UK. Patients failing to arrive for an appointment is costing the NHS significant costs and causing patients who genuinely needed an appointment to have to wait longer to be seen.

Using our integration we can give you the tools to be better connected to your patients. 

Improving patient care is something every surgery in the UK wants to do.

We can bring forward key information and present it to the receptionist before a call is even answered.

We can let the receptionist know powerful information such as 'safe guarding patient', 'hard of hearing patient' 'abusive patient' which will significantly improve the way a call is dealt with before the receptionist even speaks to the patient. 

Receptionists are tasked to deal with multiple alerts which are all presented to the receptionist at the same time. During busy periods dealing with these is unachievable and thus you are missing opportunities to provide better care for patients. 

We can help cherry-pick priority alerts such as 'invite for flu clinic' or 'check smoking status'.

Call us now to find out how we can achieve this for your surgery. 

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