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Welcome to the Best Network for Data.

And get ready to snap, chat, binge, roam, explore and enjoy more. If you want to do fun stuff, useful stuff and clever stuff on your phone, data is your best buddy. You need plenty of it and you want a network you can count on. You need the UK's Best Network for Data 2018 as voted by Mobile Choice Consumer Awards.

Three carries more data than any other UK network and our customers use 3.5 x more data than the average Brit. So, fill your boots.

We reach 99% of the UK population.

Our network handles 36% of all UK mobile traffic. It was designed for getting online, but it's awesome for calls and texts too.

Clearer calling over 4G.

Beat indoor blackspots with 4G Super-Voice on our phones. The signal smashes through buildings, so you can call, text and get online in tricky places.

Make calls over Wi-Fi.

Now you can call and text over Wi-Fi in areas where there is little or no signal. i.e. the London Underground.


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