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Connect anywhere any time

Organisations can successfully launch new business branches in almost any location.

We are also seeing a growing demand for temporary connectivity.

From pop-up shops in the middle of shopping centres, to temporary restaurants on roof-tops, gardens and beaches, businesses today are finding new locations from which to reach their customers. Connectivity in this instance not only needs to be instant but also have the option of flexibility. Fixed line connectivity will always be a struggle here.

This changing environment demands networking which can be connected anywhere, at any time and normally with little notice. Ultimately businesses now require a new, more flexible connectivity than fixed line alone can provide, while still ensuring that their enterprise network is kept secure.

Historically there has been no real answer for businesses when fixed line isn’t readily available – meaning organisations have had no choice but to accept limited functionality in more remote locations, or otherwise simply been unable to set up at all. However, using cut the wire / pre-ethernet connectivity from EVAD all of these obstacles can be overcome.

EVAD’s Internet in a Box solution can connect anywhere, anytime and is completely flexible to the enterprise’s requirements. Featuring high speeds and bandwidth, a 4G networking solution can connect even the most advanced applications with ease – creating a full pop-up network which can extend the enterprise network to any site.

This means that organisations can successfully launch new business branches in almost any location, and use all the technology they need to do so, regardless of existing wired connectivity.

Solution includes:

  • SIM activation including install and configuration
  • Monthly data package included on each SIM
  • APN and security settings configuration
  • Device testing prior to shipping
  • Logistics handling and tracking (partner or direct to end user)
  • Customer account configured and set up on EVAD Connect
  • On the shelf and ready to go with next day delivery we can offer connectivity instantly.


Using this revolutionary IoT technology, our 4G connectivity solutions provide businesses with continuous connectivity, wherever they are, and whenever they need it. Creating the perfect solution for businesses that operate from multiple locations, or for occasions where fixed line connectivity just simply isn’t an option.

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