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COVID-19 Home Working

With the COVID-19 virus forcing people to stay at home, many enterprises suddenly have to support an entirely remote workforce

The following pages share advice about how IT leaders can handle this new dynamic and the technology required at the lowest possible price with the least contractual commitment.We have Unique offerings to customers by way of short term contracts and reduced costs for software solutions to help you and your workforce remain completely contactable at all times

Audio Video

Remote workers get video conferencing with Unlimited:

  • Customer support and training
  • Meetings with up to 125 participants
  • Toll-free and international dial-in

All for only £5 per user, per month

Telecoms & Collaboration

  • Instant messaging
  • Video Calling
  • Ad-hoc and planned conferencing
  • MIFID Recording
  • Presence
  • Hosted PBX features


  • Monthly Rolling SIMs
  • Online Billing Manager
  • Usage Alert Notifications
  • Temporary Contracts
  • Setup Support
  • Mobile Device Management


  • Keep Connected
  • A Lot Of Data
  • Flexible Packages
  • Customer Support

Hardware Partnership

The majority of our solutions are software-based and easy to access, if you are struggling with hardware to facilitate this we have a strategic partner, itr that specialise in the short term rapid deployment hire of laptops.

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