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Transforming Multiple Businesses on one premise.

EVAD reviewed The Corporate Team and offered a unified solution for the 3 businesses that were running from 1 premise. They were missing calls and sales with time being wasted, not knowing who was calling and for which company.


Key Results

  • Mobile Twinning - Landline goes through to a mobile
  • Mobile App - Displays which company the call is for
  • Auto Attendant - Creating a larger perception of the company
  • No missed calls
  • No lost orders
  • Ease of management of the entire system

"The system has worked really well for us"

David Johnson, The Corporate Team

Fixed to Mobile Convergence.

Fixed to Mobile Convergence.

Mobile devices are at the heart of how almost all businesses communicate and are now, more often than not, the device of choice for users. Despite the flexibility they provide, mobiles are designed for the individual user and behave like a communication island, independent and separate to the office phone system.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony is a complete communications service that provides a range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. It allows you to manage your calls whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity. Our award-winning hosted system, Horizon, has helped us secure no.1 in the UK for hosted telephony under 500 seats.

Cloud Telephony

Application Integration

Engage the right data, the right people in the right place, for the right customer. Use your resources in new ways to become more agile and response

Think Unified

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